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Have you seen this icon on your Comcast Business My Account homepage but don’t know what it represents? The service status toolbar displays the health of your services when you sign in to Comcast Business My Account. A red indicator means there is a known outage in the area that is actively being worked. A green indicator means there are no known issues in your area and you should contact Business Customer Support at 1-800-391-3000 if you are experiencing an issue with your service. 

In the event of a Business Internet service outage, you can still access your account from a smartphone or other mobile device to check your connection and perform basic troubleshooting.

View the service status toolbar

Upon signing in to My Account, the service status toolbar will display in the footer of your homepage.

The Primary Manager and Services Manager can also view the service health status on each subscribed service panel.

How to read the toolbar

A green check mark indicates that there are no known service issues in your area. If you are experiencing a problem with your service, contact Business Customer Support.

A red exclamation point indicates there is a service outage in your area. An error message will appear informing you of the interruption along with any additional information (when available). You can recheck your status by selecting Check again.


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