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Whether it’s network maintenance, severe storms or other unplanned outage events, we know staying connected is critical for running your business. For real-time updates on outages at your location, or to enroll in outage text message notifications, sign in to My Account. Our Comcast Business Support Representatives are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1-800-391-3000.



If you are having Internet connectivity or device issues, access the Comcast Business Internet Support Tool from My Account. Through a series of questions, you will be able to troubleshoot Internet issues right from your desktop or mobile device.

You must have electricity to power any Internet services, including gateway or cable modems. If you have electricity and your Internet is not working, try rebooting your modem to resolve service issues.

During an outage, you can stay connected by accessing XFINITY WiFi hotspots. Simply sign in using your Comcast Business credentials to access the Internet. You can find WiFi hotspots by downloading the WiFi Finder app for Android or Apple.



There are several solutions for our different voice services – Comcast Business Voice, Comcast Business VoiceEdge™ and Comcast Business Trunks - PRI or SIP

Comcast Business Voice

To avoid missed calls during an outage, enable one of our call forwarding features.

To dial 9-1-1 in an emergency, keep a corded, landline phone on hand. These phones, unlike cordless phones, don’t need a separate power source to operate as they plug directly into the wall (RJ11 outlet).

Ensure your backup battery is working. Comcast Business provides a backup battery for all Business Voice customers. The battery provides up to 8 hours of standby time and up to 5 hours of talk time. During an outage, make only necessary calls to preserve your battery. Comcast Business will notify you if your battery is low or missing. Learn how to troubleshoot, install or order a battery.

Comcast Business VoiceEdge

With Comcast Business VoiceEdge, your services are hosted in the cloud, which means your auto attendants and voicemail features will continue to work during an outage. However, if you lose power at your location, your phones will not ring and you will not be able to make outgoing calls. To turn your personal phone into your work phone, download the VoiceEdge Mobile App from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

  • Call Forwarding Not Reachable: This feature will automatically route calls to a pre-defined number, in case of any outage. Set up and manage this feature in your VoiceEdge Feature Portal.

  • Remote Office: Turn your personal phone into your work phone so you can both receive and make calls as if you were using your office number. Watch a video about this feature.

  • Be Anywhere: This feature allows you to integrate your VoiceEdge service with a mobile device, and use it to receive or make calls. You can also transfer live calls from your mobile phone to your desk phone anytime. Watch a video about this feature.

  • Voicemail to Email: Receive your voicemail messages written out in email form so you can access their content anywhere. Set up this feature in your VoiceEdge Feature Portal.

View our user guides and video tutorials to help manage additional phone settings and features. ​

Business Trunks – PRI or SIP

With our PRI service you have the option to utilize the Destination Unreachable and Call Forward Not Reachable features, which re-route incoming calls made to your trunk group to an alternate destination. This feature only needs to be activated once.

With our SIP service, you can utilize Call Forward Not Reachable and Failover to give your business the reassurance you will not miss a call.

To activate these features, contact our Business Trunk Technical Support at 1-877-543-3961.


Additional Information

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